What I Offer

I offer to you a  soundproof “screaming room” (metaphorically). Emotional Detox. Nourishment. A mirror to see your dysfunctional patterns and a hammer to break them. An answer to a longed for “Why?”

I offer a Diagnostic Intake Interview, a comprehensive evaluation that takes into account how you perceive the health of both your mind and body. Research shows (and good sense knows) that productive treatment has a positive effect on both aspects of the self. The concerns you present, as well as your values, beliefs and culture all influence the elements of the unique Plan of Care that we co-create. In creating that plan, I draw from decades of practice as a Registered Nurse with a holistic orientation, a Licensed Psychologist, and as an inquisitive, lifelong learner. 

Effective psychotherapy is based upon a trusting relationship between client and therapist. I practice from a strength-based philosophy,  assisting you to discover, strengthen and use your internal coping resources. You can expect that I view our work together with optimism about your treatment success. If it appears that we are not a good fit, from either of our perspectives, I will attempt to assist you with a clinician who may be more suited to address your needs.

At my office located in Washington, DC, I offer individual  and group psychotherapy for professionals at least 21 years of age who seek my services on a voluntary basis. I also offer courses/training, workshops and facilitated discussions. 

My areas of focus include:

  • Anxiety Disorders 
  • Depressive Disorders 
  • Issues of Life Transition 
  • Grief and Loss