About Me

My Credentials

I am a Licensed Psychologist and a Health Service Provider (HSP-P) certified by the Professional Licensing Board of Washington, DC and the North Carolina Psychology Board. My psychology practice and professional offerings adhere to statutes, guidelines, and ethical standards of these boards as well as those of the American Psychological Association (APA).

My doctoral education and professional experience is primarily Clinical Psychology, with training in Health Psychology methods. Prior to that, I enjoyed many years of practice as a master’s degree-prepared Registered Nurse (RN) and public health nurse educator

Degrees Awarded

•Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) from The George Washington University
•Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) from The Catholic University of America

Licensed Psychologist

•Washington, DC #PSY1001222
•North Carolina #4258


•American Psychological Association

About Me


As a girl growing up in Washington, DC  I dreamed to be an astronaut and an artist. It appeared that the social and political climates aligned against that. However, the universe (through confessions of strangers in trains, painful family self-disclosures, literature…) did compel me to become an “Instronaut”. I mine the human innergalactic space, calling forth my scientist and artist minds to conceptualize new ideas and modalities around health and healing. I continue to work Purpose-to- Action. I have a special heart for first generation college students, as I was on my father’s side of the family.

During my training in psychology, I was fortunate that my professors strongly encouraged us students to benefit from personal psychotherapy. And, I’ve come to realize how practical and freeing psychotherapy can be to everyday life. I aspire to bring that “good” feeling to my clients as well. And I am grateful to have been part of a client’s new-found life.