You are a Professional 

You have been around the block and back, at least a few times since undergraduate school. On the outside, you may seem totally pulled together. You’ve had successes that look enviable to others, but self-criticism and comparisons, losses, work “stompetitions”, or life transitions ravage the resilient you inside. You may seek psychotherapy tapped out, in a “last straw moment.” Many professionals do. You yearn to be WHOLE, to feel joy, to truly be content, even in the midst of life’s inevitable messiness. Yet, something is missing. Or maybe, something must be let go.


The science and art of Psychotherapy is a process not easily described. At its root, it is a deeply exploratory and healing dialogue. Psychotherapy is “talk therapy” and “be therapy”. There are no judgments and no golden awards—just breathing space to grow yourself into the WHOLE that feels right. Psychotherapy is intended to address and mitigate, or, to resolve challenges such as emotional distress, self-critical thoughts, and self-sabotaging behaviors. It is work—active talking, feeling, and listening. Gut stuff. Truly, it is “all about you”–your relationships, life transitions, distress, losses—any of the things that stand between you and your best self.  

It is my privilege, if you invite me to be your psychotherapist. Let’s talk! Call me for a no charge telephone consultation at (202) 484-0324 in Washington, DC.

[If you’re new to Psychotherapy, you may want to check out the American Psychological Association’s helpful, comprehensive resource on the process and benefits of psychotherapy.]